Crime New York: Co Ed Call Girl Shoots her Boss

The real story involved the incident of 21 year old Elizabeth Dugan, a New York University medical student. In 1991 Dugan, who had taken a temporary job in order to obtain extra money, shot Robert Staudinger in the head twice and in the hands. Originally, Dugan had responded to an ad in the Village Voice put out by Affinity Escort Service. The escort service had about 200 girls on staff at the time of the shooting. Here is a brief statement given by Dugan as to what happened: He got real upset. He was visibly angry with me at that time. So he told me that he wasn't going to take this (censored) anymore. He says, you know, you think you're so smart. Let me show you something.' He turned around and--and he faced me and he had a gun. I was terrified. He put his hand, like, right behind my shoulders and he pressed me really hard up against his wall. And he put the gun to my head. I was begging him, please, just to stop. And--and not like this and please, just stop. And he was saying--he was saying no. He was saying that he meant it this time. I said fine--just do--whatever--please just get the gun away. And he backed up and he put the gun down on the desk and he started to undo his clothes. And I grabbed the gun and I was scared. I didn't know what he was going to do to me. I thought he was going to kill me.

Upon being asked how she got into the business, she replied: It started out as a lark between a good friend of mine and myself. I don't know if people think of that as bad because I didn't need the money. So it was definitely for the adventure of it, and also--I mean, there's men who are paying $ 300 an hour to spend with you, and out of all the girls he has on file, they picked you. So, of course, it's flattering.


Robert Staudinger was never arrested or charged.

Elizabeth Dugan never did any time in jail. She was acquitted of all charges.

According to the prosecution Ms. Dugan shot Mr. Staudinger because he refused to pay her about $2,300 he owed her and threatened to tell her mother about the line of work that she was in.

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