Other Stories About College-Coeds

For extra reading her are some other stories about college co-eds that are similar to the one above. The stories below are not based on the movie or the story above on which the movie was based.

2000 Outskirts of Philadelphia Dancer/College Co-ed Murdered
A woman was found dead under a bridge at connects Pennsylvania and New Jersey in 2000. It appeared that she had been dead for a few days. No one knew who she was. She was wearing a butterfly pedant. Her name was Rachel Siani.  She was a college student by day and a dancer by night.  Though her family did not approve of her lifestyle, she danced in order to put herself through college. Her stage name was Roxanne. Her body was found not very far from the club where she worked. It looked like suicide at first. Her friends and  family did not believe that it was  suicide. The police started their investigation into the death of Rachel Siani. Blood was found on the bridge which indicated that she was bleeding on the bridge.. Forensics positively identified the blood as that of Rachel. Rachel was a 22 year old college co-ed.

She was found without shoes, and her socks were clean. It appeared that she was carried to the bridge. Fibers from her sweater were found on the bridge which indicated that her body had scraped against the it. Forensics testing indicated that she was still alive when she was thrown from the bridge. The cause of death was blunt force trauma. Her car was found at the club. Fellow dancers told police about a man who was infatuated with Rachel. On the night of Rachel's murder, a policeman saw a man banging on the club door at closing time. He was intoxicated. Rachel, who was outside the club talking to a friend at the time, stepped in and offered to help John Denofa back to his hotel room. He was married. He was known to be a regular at the club. Rachel was his favorite. He would often pay Rachel just to talk to him, and he would always stay in a motel next door to the club. His wife knew that he was visiting the club. She was seen dropping him at the club many times. Denofa was a repectable man in his community. No one would have ever believed that he would be involved in a crime such as this. Police questioned Denofa. He denied killing Rachel Siani. He stated that while it was true that she accompanied him back to his room, she did not enter the room. The evidence showed that a scuffle occurred in the motel room. Denofa choked Rachel.  Then he tried to lower her down from the window in order to put her in his truck, but his hands slipped, and she dropped to the ground. In a panic, he went outside, and threw her into the back of his Dodge Ram pick up truck. The truck was caught on tape crossing the bridge. The footage clearly showed the body of a woman in his truck as he passed over the bridge heading in to New Jersey. The driver was not visible. Police examined the truck for evidence. Blood was found, and it was matched to Rachel. Denofa, 36, was arrested and charged with murder. In November 2002 he was found guilty of first degree murder given thirty to life in prison.